It is very important to test mobile applications and e-commerce websites so that they do not compromise on many factors like customer data protection, user experience, secure transactions, mobile accountability and quick load time. In addition, the success of your e-commerce web application is largely dependent on the smooth functioning and proper functioning of these factors and should be free of bugs. In this way, you can give users a pleasant and good experience that will give them the opportunity to come back to your app for products and services.

Testing for e-commerce success is indispensable

We all know that users of e-commerce applications are spread around the world because they are related to the auction, retail and wholesale, finance, manufacturing and marketing. Apart from this, the fact that the e-commerce industry is fast developing for the last few years can not be ignored. Organizations and businesses should spend more time in testing their website app and make it an essential part of developing their future e-commerce app. Here we have brought some important things to test the e-commerce website app for you.

E-Commerce Application Testing Functionality

There are four important elements in the structure in e-commerce mobile or web app:

Product Details Page – Contains product picture, cart feature, product title, product comparison, description, related product and additional product details to name it.

Home Page – Includes Press Release Page, Homepage, About Us Page, Privacy Policy Page, Special Offer, Sitemap Page, Other

Shopping Cart – Cash On Delivery Option, Product List View, Card Payment, Select Delivery Option, Pay Now Option, Delete Product From List etc.

Product or category type page – Product page contains options for product type, size and color. In addition, there is sorting facility to filter products based on size, model, price etc. In addition, there are also “Add to wish list” and “Add to cart” category in category pages.

Before starting with a performance test, it is important to fully understand the e-commerce application or website. The features listed above are synonymous to all e-commerce applications, yet most of them are customized according to business specifications.

Test flow of e-commerce applications

Examining the workflow of e-commerce web applications include the following:
• See Process
• Signup and login options
• Sorting feature
• Search functionality
• Payment processing and payment gateways
• Apply filter for selection of products
• Product review posting facility
• Invoice generation and serial number
• Remove or add functionality to the shopping cart


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