For thousands of years, people are using pictures to tell stories. Even now, lecturers use a marker and a whiteboard to explain complex ideas to the students. When an animated video is made of sketch, the message becomes clear and more attractive. This is how whiteboard animation works.

What is whiteboard animation?

Whiteboard animation is an animated film that is created directly in front of the viewer. This interpretator is one of the video types.

The pictures coming later to the receiver of the whiteboard animation film appear in a story told by a storyteller. The story may be about the new company’s products, methods of implementation of its strategy or more worldly things, such as manuals.

Thanks to a suitable script creation, the story of the storyteller and, of course, the picture, the film attracts attention and remains in the audience’s memory for a long time. This is the reason that whiteboard animation (also called “Video Scrib”) is widely used in video marketing and internal communication.

Studies showed that most participants preferred to watch animated films and were more interested in sharing with their friends. Particularly interesting was that those who watched whiteboard animation videos remembered 15% more information than those who viewed the “standard” one.

With respect to the current knowledge, it is a great result.

Animated films keep the audience engaged and laugh

Where do those differences come from the results?

Pro. According to Wiseman, the mystery is the ability to draw and maintain the audience’s attention. It is commonly known that after a boring lecture, the students return home while not remembering anything. In order to remember the contents of the class, they must first take interest in the subject. Interesting and clear visualizations can help you achieve this.

That’s because they give viewers “Aha!” Give the moment, thanks to which they feel that a complex subject has just been understood. This feeling is very pleasant. We occasionally feel at work, when a long presentation is expressed with a clear diagram, plan or a metaphor.

According to Wiseman, the comedy presentation is very important because when we are in a good mood, the human brain works more efficiently. This is when it is inspired to take creative and scientific challenges. A well-formed animated film is more attractive than a similar text in a PowerPoint presentation or a PDF file. This allows us to engage those people who will never read a proposal or long articles in our story.

Remembering without information

Apart from this, seeing a fun animated movie, we do not have to know that we are learning something. A film so-called spectator stimulates the area of ​​brain responsible for anticipation, which works like the road drawing on the road as live. The viewer tries to guess what is going to happen next. This is what happens when you’re watching a properly-made whiteboard animation video.

Whiteboard animation films are animated movies created in front of the audience. Nowadays, this form of communication is widely used by companies and organizations. Its popularity is as a result of its great effect on a friendly and simple form as well as the ability to memorize the audience’s message.


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