The fastest growing SMBs have adopted Claude as a method of addressing four main IT challenges:

  • High capital cost
  • lack of skill
  • Scalability, and business growth

As a business, innovation is maturing.

  • The results are positive. Survey indicates that:
  • 53% of SMB’s cloud technologies are more likely to experience increased revenue growth.
  • 85% of businesses believe that Badal has developed his business extensively and rapidly.

Organizations are aware that cloud computing provides instant access to the tools necessary to digitally transform their business and improve customer experience.

Many businesses are still reluctant to step on the cloud despite these benefits. The reluctance of migration is especially evident in western Canada, where we have seen that adoption of the cloud is less than 25% compared to the rest of Canada. So, what are you holding back?

Safety Exposure

For 49% of organizations (IDC 2017), the cloud is referred to as security as the number one objection. Should you be worried? Security investment by major cloud providers is important and it has created cloud platforms that lack security, are rare due to seller’s error. In fact, the cloud has proved to be more secure than most non-cloud environments.

Network Response

A major cloud in Claudé for customers in Western Canada is worried that network connectivity responses will be inadequate to provide time and security, which is addicted to end users. With major public cloud providers located in Eastern Canada, it can be understood that network connectivity options should be well understood before proceeding. There are several networking options that address the need for high bandwidth, security and connectivity for the cloud, including solutions located in Saskatchewan.

Service Availability

Service availability, including response time and user downtime, is a concern because of the alleged loss of control over the computing environment. In order to reduce this concern, public cloud vendors provide service level with financial level for all their products if they are not available. The strong engineering of the cloud environment is such that high availability is achieved continuously. In the worst case scenario, organizations can protect important applications by configuring applications to automatically fail to fail to automate applications and the cloud data center should be offline.

The cost of the cloud

A general assumption is that the services in the cloud are more expensive than non-cloud environments. It is often picked up when the comparison between cloud and non-cloud platforms does not accurately reflect all the costs that make up the non-cloud infrastructure.

With all non-cloud costs in the table given above, there is a shortage of support and maintenance cost of up to 50% when the cloud is selected. When financial comparisons or cloud ROIs are done, it is also important to keep in mind the increased revenues while running digital transition results using cloud services.

To Start

It may look difficult when trying to make a decision. The best place to start often with consulting a trusted partner with experience in cloud migration. Cloud migration requires skills and experience; Often organizations that handle this infection find it difficult and time consuming.

If you want to know how to get started, but it is not certain where to start, get out and grab a coffee. We can discuss your special needs and help define a route for your organization that is to provide to the cloud.


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