Use surveys

Surveys are great for business. Whether they are online or in print form, they can provide insight into what your business is doing well, and those areas need improvement. But additionally, surveys can also help you get positive reviews within your local business listing. Make sure you ask customers for their email address within the survey. Then you can use them to browse through them, find positive reviews, and ask those customers to leave a positive review for you on the local business listing of your choice.

Leave a link to review sites

Customers are becoming so accustomed to seeing the receipts for discounts, deals and surveys that leaving the link for the review site on them is a great way to get a positive review. Tell your employees that this is a link, and encourage them to tell customers about it. This will help strengthen the idea that the customer needs to see the receipt, and they can prompt you to leave a positive review.

Know when to give encouragement, and when not

It may sound like a good idea to give incentives to customers to leave a review, though it is something that can backfire. When they are giving something for free, often customers stop thinking that they are giving you a good response, when they can not otherwise. The word can spread quickly, and it can tarnish the name of your business. Trust customers who want to review, and provide them with links to do so. Those people you can encourage, they are staff members. Every time they send a customer to their receipt link or take them to the review site in some other way, give them a small percentage more on their salary or any other incentive, such as making them monthly.

Makes tablet easy to use

If you just tell your customers about the review site and give them a link, then you need to rely on the chance that they can go home and find it on their own computer. However, it can not always be Instead, the review site is already ready and ready within your business and handover them after the sale. They will be able to do any work or without any inconvenience, and you will see the number of positive reviews in your listing.

Get closer to your social network

You do not always have to work so hard to find people who say good things about your business. See your social networks and see what people are saying there. Follow any positive comments with a simple ‘thank you’ and ask them to share their opinions on the review site. Chances are, if they are affected by your company, then they will not be able to say so.

Know where and when to refer customers

If you give them a link to a review site that does not apply to them then it will not do good to you or your customers. For example, sending a Gmail address to Google+ is not so easy, and if they are not a registered product user, but leave a review there, then it’s good that the filters of the Yeppel will just send it to the Trash bin. Knowing which review site is best for some customers, it will make them even easier, and will increase your chances of getting positive reviews.

Use your database

Chances are good that you are already using your database for different database campaigns, so why not use them as reviews too? Set it up like you are telling a different campaign to customers that you are now on Yelp, Google+, Yellow Pages or any other commercial directory, and invite them to join the conversation and leave the review. Remember to leave a link to the review site within the email so that it can be easier for them.

Answer current reviews

People like to know that they are not sending anything in cyberspace, so that they may be lost somewhere on the way. Respond to reviews that are currently on a review site, good or bad. Thank you to those who have left good reviews, and try to help those who have left the negative review. Even if it is to say that you are going to contact them, then people like to know that if they are taking time to join, then you are also.

Ask for them

Business owners sometimes believe that asking for a review will be frustrating, or close their customers. This will not happen and how will customers know that you are on a review site, or would you ask them to leave a review of your company until you say anything? Ask you to leave the review for you in any of your local directories, immediately after the sale, any sales you make. Again, make it easy by providing them links Sometimes, you have to ask to get it.


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