Before you make some plans for the wedding of your best friend, you plan for their bachelor party. Before all the crazy wedding jazz starts, you need unlimited fun, endless gossip and memories of your life with your girlfriends. And drink something by the coast of Coladas.

And when it comes to deciding where all the madness is, then the clock stops staying outside of Goa. But I’m sure we’re tired of staying at one place in Goa for everything.

But we have brought such destination to Asia that is as calm as Goa, or maybe even better, for a perfect back or party-night girls trip.

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1. Kathmandu, Nepal

If the peace of the forest and nature attracts you and your girls, then Chitwan National Park in Kathmandu is the place where you are. Between the green forests and the nature, it will be a panic away from the bustle of city life and will help you to calm your senses.

Here’s what makes it interesting-

1. River boating and canoeing in Chitwan.
2. Explore the local culture of the place.
3. Bathing the Elephants.

2. Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

The biggest name of the Three Island Island is “The Party Island” – and for a very good reason. Gili Trawangan is not one of the most beautiful places of Southeast Asia, it is one of the most beautiful places to get your drinking game.

Here’s what makes it interesting-

1. Cruise parties are full of passion.
2. Crescent and full moon side.

3. Negombo, Sri Lanka

Not only this coastal city has the advantage of being only 10 km away from the airport, it also provides the perfect mix of old world charm and bustle, modern Sri Lankan life. Negbobo does a great party, which has good, sandy beaches for various types of resorts, cheap drinks and sunbathing.

Here’s what makes it interesting-

1. Jostal in the local market
2. Vegetation on the beach.
3. Look at you the most beautiful sunset witness.

4. Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is a beautiful place in Southeast Asia with everything in it. You can keep a crazy party on the beach, snorkeling at Pulau or scuba diving

1. Enjoy the variety of water sports activities that offer space.
2. Visit the cable car drive with your friends to see the sweeping view.
3. Timur Waterfall is the most pleasant place in Taimurka.

5. Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, a capital city of Vietnam, is a culturally rich place. Its architecture is influenced by both French and Chinese culture. Since Vietnam is an agricultural country, Hanoi is surrounded by beautiful villages, which will be fun with your girl gang.

Here’s what makes it interesting-

1. Retro Go to Social Club. The times of this place will take you back in time.
2. If you want to put your nerd glasses on the head for the temple of your literature. This place respects all the scholars of Vietnam and the city has a well preserved architecture.



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