At present, mobile traffic is making a large percentage of internet usage worldwide, it is becoming very important to understand the ways in which mobile users interact with the site from small devices according to their mobile experience. . Mobile friendly sites are those, which are easy to navigate on a small screen of a tablet or smartphone. These sites have been developed, designed and optimized in such a way that the best experience possible for every user.

Therefore, if your site provides an enhanced mobile experience or does not support mobile devices, then it is a high time to make modifications. Creativity in modern browsers has optimized the mobile experience through some amazing features such as zip-to-zoom and automatic modification of font size.

Regardless of the format that you choose to create a mobile friendly site with responsive web development service, there should be some special features for a mobile friendly site. These features will be highly needed for mobile optimization and design strategies.

Therefore, if your site has these characteristics, then they will be known as mobile friendly. here are the details:

* Well formatted content, which is easy to scan: Most web users, instead of following every word from top to bottom through web content, search for details that are relevant to their needs. Therefore, it is necessary to format the material in view of this thing. The list, bullet, subhead and heading are all the best strategies to break the text, and therefore make it easy to scan content.
* Effective navigation system: This website is important for usability. The details should be classified by the menu and tabs, which are clearly identified. In this way, users can easily find specific details that they are searching for. Other important factors in good navigation include: strong internal links, effective search feature and informative headers and footers on each page.
Fast loading time: Compared to the visitors coming to the web page, nothing can be troubled for website visitors, which takes a long time to load. In general, visitors need to wait 4-6 seconds to load pages. If this is more than that, then visitors are motivated to visit competitors’ sites. Therefore, if you are mobile friendly, then your site needs to be quickly loaded to maintain customers.
* Limited or customized multimedia: If you are planning to add images or videos to mobile content, make sure that it is added in such a way that it will not be blocked by some specific mobile operating system. Some specific smartphone operating systems block image and video when the screen size is unable to correctly scale, while providing the option to block other images and / or videos.

Contrasting Color Scheme: Maintaining the right contrast between content and the background of the site is considered one of the most fundamental principles of responsive web design. With a good contrast, it is easy to read a content and make it legible. In addition, it is an effective medium to draw attention to important phrases and words, while it makes it easy for users to quickly scan the web page.

* Contact details: With standard desktop website content, responsive website content should include easy-to-search contact details for the company. Contact details should include: Company name, physical address, telephone number or other important data or credential This thing not only makes people easy to find and reach the company, rather it offers more legitimacy, reliability and authority for online content while offering the presence of a dependable and established company to the site owner. . Together.


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